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Our Commitment to YOU!

Tami and Denise are committed to guide and support you and/or your team, using our talents, gifts and expertise, to develop, manage and implement a unique plan that will allow you to operate, manage and build your business in a way that honors and supports you, your values and your vision.  We believe the best way for a visibility strategy to be successful is the key elements will include the things you love doing and are most passionate about.

  • Online marketing strategy, action plan creation and delivery management
  • Virtual summit and launch planning and management
  • Event planning and management

Planning and executing projects is our genius zone. We help companies achieve its key goals and objectives — taking them from idea to execution by clarifying key milestones, utilizing an online project management system and other tools, meeting deadlines, successful delegation strategies, inspiring team to achieve outcomes, and providing support.

One of the best decisions I made in my business was to hire Denise Beins! I was overwhelmed, overloaded and unable to handle everything that needed to get done. Denise literally came to the rescue, simplified and streamlined every-thing, and freed up my time tremendously so I could focus on the things only I could do. ~ Christine Kloser


  • Defining Team Needs and Role
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Effective Delegation
  • Empowering Your Team for Success

Having a virtual team comes with its benefits and challenges. It can be a very efficient way of working by eliminating many distractions, gives you a huge network to find someone that offers the skillset you need and provides various time zones for needed around the clock support. At the same time, you give up some control of how they work and things can go sideways quickly. Providing proper structure, tools, communication standards and methods for accountability will set you and your virtual team up for success.

Hear from a few team members we have worked with:


Denise’s onboarding onto the team at SEEN marked a huge shift in the company towards organization, goal-setting, team happiness and productivity. She designed and implemented a lot of the structures that went on to support the whole team in communicating better, being able to execute larger projects, having a more harmonious work environment, and working much more cohesively (which, with a virtual team, can be quite challenging).” ~ Arjuna P.

As an IT consultant with focus on internet marketing, I have worked in many projects with many teams. In all the projects I have worked with, I have never met a project leader that can move mountains as Denise does. Her insights, mastership over projects, being able to handle, coordinate, delegate, overview a 1000+ actions, I have never seen such strength and dedication. At the same time, Denise has an eye for marketing, organization and getting things done! Plus, I have always enjoyed working with Denise as a person.” ~ Peter W.

Denise is supportive, flexible and calm with a super power to get a zillion tasks done.” ~ Meredith C.

Working with Denise on the live event was amazing! She is so organized, her project management skills allow the team to see the big picture and execute the tasks to make it a successful event.” ~ Lisa K.

Denise is very supportive and task organized.” ~ Carrie S.

Denise is grounded, calm, organized and a true leader. Loved your humor and dedication.” ~ Tracy W.

Denise is a rockstar. She hit the ground running as if she had been part of our team for years. She handled all details well, was very professional, had creative input and helped with the success of the launch.” ~ Matt G.

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We will strategically guide you in creating a results-driven Blueprint that supports you in becoming crystal clear on your vision, mapping out your journey and achieving your desired results. Through processes such as mind-mapping, flow chart creation and developing a detailed action plan, all based on your passion and vision, we will empower you to keep your business growing and profits soaring while staying in alignment with and being true to your core values.

During our sessions we will:

    • Clearly see and define the vision you have for yourself, your clients and your business
    • Help you to clarify your message
    • Unveil the truth as to ‘Why’ you offer your services and products
    • Create a snapshot of your current business activities, both online and offline
    • Identify your ideal client
    • Determine what it is that you love to do in your business and what might best be delegated
    • Explore the possibilities of the internet to: evaluate, prioritize and define specifically which areas fit your values and vision
    • Guide you to create your Visibility Plan with one time incremented milestones
  • Set check-in dates to review and adjust your plan (Life happens and all plans must be flexible!)

terry_rondbergAs a doctor, I have decades of experience and expertise in my profession, but the complexities of online promotion isn’t one of them! I’m grateful to Global Visibility who is managing several promotional campaigns for me (Bioenergy and IOM). Fast rollouts and countless details; I needed an expert and I got two! I trust Tami and Denise to develop and systematically carry out professional online strategy planning and project management on a worldwide scale. They have met my expectations and more—Global Visibility is making an invaluable contribution to my team of professionals. Thanks Tami and Denise!”

~ Dr. Terry A. Rondberg (WCA and BioenergyCertification.com)

As your personal visibility mentors, we will guide you in the areas of:

  • Clearly defining your Vision.
  • Identify your current visibility practices, create an Idea Bucket, and fill it with practical possibilities.
  • Assist you in outlining your Signature presentation and program.
  • Explore the use of Interviews and media, both online and live.
  • Review your Business structure, team and operating procedures to ensure efficiency and results.
  • Guide you in scouting out and identifying Local opportunities.
  • Examine ways that live and virtual Events can introduce you, build your credibility and allow you a platform to share your expertise.

We are here to support YOU!

I’m grateful to have had Denise and Tami on our team during the launch of a telesummit and in planning the marketing of ongoing events and classes. Everything that happened that year was fast paced and plans changed quickly. They handled it all with ease and grace, knew exactly what to do next, and held regular meetings with us to make sure we met deadlines. They created an extensive plan before the telesummit started. Their plan kept everything from technical details to JV partners organized. Whenever we had a question, they would respond quickly. They reviewed all of our pages and copy and offered helpful suggestions to edit. When we wanted to expand our reach, they offered suggestions on how to be visible to more leads. Denise and Tami corresponded professionally to all communication. We loved their expert problem solving skills for any and all situations. Being a small team, their guidance and planning helped us set up an ongoing lead capture and sales funnel that works! I enjoyed working with them and highly recommend them!”

~ Gabrielle Conde Talley, Support Team at Academy for Invincible Healers

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