How To Make Your Business Vision a Reality

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Often business owners find themselves stuck between the daily actions required of them to provide the services to keep the business running, that they often struggle to make time to take a step back to get clear on their vision, and then create the strategy to lead them to the results they want while staying in alignment with that core vision.

Below are four steps to follow to keep your business growing and profits soaring:


A foundational element of steering the whole business is being crystal clear on your vision. Your vision for your business needs to be congruent with your personal / life vision. If you have a goal to take one week off a month, then the business vision would need to support that.

Once you have your vision statement written, share it with your team, business mentors, family and those that are close to you. Not only does it help to get their support and belief in your vision, but they will understand your actions you need to take at times to accomplish specific projects and even rally behind you and give you that added shove when you need it.


SMART goalsKnowing the results you want to achieve is the next step. Define what the target is that you want to achieve. If you set out on a road trip, knowing you want to attend a conference somewhere in New York, and don’t have the specific details such as address and time, the likelihood of hitting your target is very small. Once you know the details (address and time), you can then map out your journey.

The results for your business action plan may include how many clients you want, how many speaking engagements, sales totals, email list size, books sold, etc. Get specific.


With your goal defined, you are now ready to map out your journey. Creating a strategic plan can be fairly time intensive the first time you do it. Things to include may be:

  • Defining the target client
  • Branding that needs changed or created
  • Products or services (existing, need developed or updated)
  • Current list / clients
  • Existing marketing or new opportunities to add to your marketing plan (social media, blog, articles, video)
  • Website updates needed
  • Contact Management System (newsletter, solo broadcasts, autoresponders)
  • Shopping cart
  • Events to promote what you are offering (online, telesummit, live, local networking)
  • Media (radio interviews, press releases)
  • Joint venture partner / affiliate or referral program

Using a mindmap tool, such as Freemind, is a good way to brain dump all your ideas and begin to organize the structure. Once you have all the ideas defined, you can then prioritize, create a timeline and delegate specific parts. You will be able to assess what tasks you will do yourself and what you need help with. If you have an existing team to delegate pieces of the strategic plan to, it would be good to share the big vision plan with them so they can see how all the pieces tie together.

Your plan may take a month, six months or a year to carry out, depending on the size of the plan.


The final step, is to test and measure the progress and results. Some testing will need to be reviewed along the way to see if you are getting the results you projected or if something needs adjusted. If this is a timed launch, such as a telesummit, some stats can be gathered along the way (such as optins or attendees) but it is important to take some time at the end to gather the analytics to compare the actual results against your goals. Objectively look at what could be improved for the next time you do something similar. If you have a team, include them because they will have a different viewpoint than you do (customer service, web team, project manager, etc.).


Then the cycle begins again … maybe after a week vacation! To keep your business growing and expanding, you will need to take a step back at this point, looking at your business vision again, evaluating if you are on track with that, if your vision needs updating, then decide what your next target is.


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