Online Strategy Intensives

Online Strategy Intensives (VDR Days)
Personal Global Visibility & “Vision Driven Results” Intensives

Your Online Strategy Consultant works one on one with you to take your personal vision and create an integrated plan that details the tools, timelines, and actions needed to realize your vision.

Your Personalized Plan will:

  • Help you to clarify your message
  • Unveil the truth as to ‘Why’ you offer your services and products
  • Create a snapshot of your current business activities, both online and offline
  • Confirm your vision for your business
  • Determine what it is that you love to do in your business and what might best be delegated.
  • Explore the possibilities of the internet to: evaluate, prioritize and define specifically which areas fit your values and vision
  • Create Your Customized Plan with one month, three-month and six-month milestones
  • Set check-in dates to review and adjust your plan (Life happens and all plans must be flexible!)

Strategies may include:

  • Defining your business mission and vision
  • Establishing your expert status and strengthening your brand
  • Developing and launching services, products and programs
  • Managing and expanding your client base
  • Offering online and live events
  • Building and maintaining collaborative partnerships
  • Using the media to share your message and establish credibility
  • Designing Social Media strategy that works for you
  • Creating a team to fulfill your organization needs in alignment with your long term goals


Schedule a discovery call with Tami or Denise to see if a Vision Driven Results Intensive is a good fit for your business.