Messenger Mapping Package

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_color=”%23F7F0DE” width=”620″ line_height=”31″]My Messenger Mapping and Action Coaching program will build you a solid plan, get you organized and take away the procrastination and frustration of not knowing what to do, how to do it and who can help![/text_block]

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Together we will…

  • Design a Solid Map

    We will clearly define your BIG vision, explore where you are now and design a series of foundational stepping stones to get you there with minimal distraction and maximum impact.

  • Create an action list and timeline

    Using a common spreadsheet and gaant chart, we will create a step-by-step action list and timeline to identify your needs an keep you on track.

  • Stay-on-Track

    During phone calls and an online communications system, we will review, analyze and adjust your plan to keep you on track and moving forward.

Check Out What Other People Say About Working With Tami

“Working with Tami to re-brand and ensure my business is in alignment with my vision has been amazing. She has helped me further identify and narrow my niche audience for my services, which in turn has helped me determine the direction my book needs to follow. Tami has an incredible ability to listen deeply to not only what is being said, but also her insights allowed her to gently guide me as I was diving deeply into my future.”

Sue Relihan

Sue Relihan
Find Serenity & Empowerment

“No one has been a bigger support to my business than Tami Blodgett. Coaches and training programs have come and gone but Tami’s steadfast guidance, keen strategic thinking, up to the minute knowledge of best practices, and huge heart have truly kept my spirits & energy high. She’s smart, fast, creative, knowledgeable, super-competent, and a joy to work with. I would not want to be without Tami as my thinking-partner.”

Tomar Levine

Tomar Levine
Intuitive Life Purpose & Career Mentor

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This program includes: 

  • 90 Minute Defining Your Vision, Values and Message private session
  • 90 minute Vision Mapping private session
  • 90 minute Action Plan and Timeline creation private session
  • 4 – 30 minute Staying on Track private phone sessions
  • Monthly Mastermind sessions for one full year with like-minded peers
  • 6 months access to Tami via Slack for questions and clarity
  • BONUS – 6 month Premiere membership in our collaborative community, AllAboutVisibility

Investment in this program starts at $900. Payment arrangements will be discussed with Tami upon agreement to work together.[/text_block]



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Messenger Mapping and Action Planning Application

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Meet Tami

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Tami is a respected Messenger Support Expert, who tirelessly serves those who yearn to make a real difference in the world. Tami calls them “Change-makers,” passionate people who recognize they need professional support to bring their vision to full life. Tami’s ultimate role and goal? To empower change-makers to more fully step into their highest gifting and ever expanding goals.

Tami’s heart-led guidance and business expertise benefits those who are willing to heed their own call and step up to make it happen, yet realize they can’t do it alone.

Tami has over 30 years as an entrepreneur. She started in retail, employed up to 15 people and learned what it takes to produce the high six-figure revenue she earned. She dabbled in home-based wholesale business where Tami honed her leadership, management, strategy planning, and project management skills to a science. Her years of hard knocks will prevent yours and get your business off to the right start, without all of those costly stops and starts that solo-preneurs often crash and burn into.

Tami’s niche found her. She began supporting change-makers in the Internet world in 2006 and just knew she was where she belonged! She totally shines supporting authors, small business owners, leadership trainers, Internet marketers, messengers, coaches, healers and visionaries who know they have a purpose yet need support in making it happen.

Fully flushing out and then supporting the orchestration of the visions of these dedicated leaders has given her the opportunity to fully step into her calling while helping change-makers dial in their own.

Tami’s professional support brings:
• Heartfelt guidance and real world wisdom in setting and sustaining visions that are so vast, they actually raise the hair on the back of the neck of her clients. Tami expertly gets change-makers to it and through it.
• A structure to the big vision along with design and planning strategies for making it really happen on time and in form!
• Practical and easily solved solutions that are often missed due to the visionary’s sense of urgency and overwhelm.
• Personal “been there, done that” wisdom to help change-makers courageously overcome the scary challenges that would have halted that emerging leader in her tracks.
• The uncanny ability to hold her clients accountable, responsible and at peace while accomplishing their life mission.
• A deep sense of inner knowing and trust in her clients and herself – that the purpose you were called to must happen.

“Tami’s all about getting you to world peace, in one piece.”

If you are compassionate, left and right brain balanced, and a dedicated change-maker just beyond the visionary dream stage and into the application overwhelm, Meet Tami Blodgett your new right arm.[/text_block]