Strategic Action

denise_and_tamiOnline Strategy Coaching – help is here

Filtering through the Internet “noise,”—the good and the bad to discover the better and best is not easy. You will be given options for your business, the latest technology, and provided a supply of support personnel to pull off world-wide visibility to your target audience. This is Global Visibility and Tami’s expertise—we call her “aka, launch leader!”

Understanding that you’ve already got a huge variety of responsibilities with your business, it can be more than overwhelming at times. Global Visibility steps up to guide the way! Prioritizing your fundamental business ideas, hopes and dreams, to create an action plan, specific outline of budget, timeline, organizational prompts with one-on-one meetings, to achieve what you hope for—maybe even more—is fantastic! Written out for you in black and white, you see the starting place—and the ending point of your online event, launch and visibility campaigns. You can take a deep breath of relief, as Tami’s experienced plans start to quiet the noise of Internet confusion.

Without systems in place to guide your vision, discouragement runs rampant and passion gets squelched—this is the result of lack of consistency for targeted results. You don’t have to allow frustration rather than a formula for success to prevail, because help is here! Tami, your Strategic Action Coach will guide you through the process of identifying your key objectives, create a reasonable timeline for accountability, and outline all the steps needed to get you started on your path to success.

Start today—just imagine where you will be tomorrow.


Tami Blodgett

Strategic Action Coach
Co-Founder: Global Visibility LLC
Co-Creator and Visionary: The Eugene Center for Online Business

I believe the Internet offers a world of tangible possibility. With this comes an endless flow of information which can lead authors and business owners to feel confused and overwhelmed. I am dedicated to working side-by-side with clients to brainstorm ideas, create strategies, and format action plans that are effective and efficient.  Together we focus on attaining personal goals and business success, led by passion and purpose.

Working alongside clients to energize the potential and possibility the Internet offers is also my expertise and passion. I consult and guide, in doable steps, how to create, expand, and share my client’s messages, services and products.

I am blessed to work with “Conscious Business Owners” and “Transformational Authors,” life and business coaches, evolutionary leaders and doctors. The most amazing benefit of the work I do is the opportunity to support visionaries in fulfilling their dreams and contributing to their success in sharing their wisdom and gifts with the world—ultimately to make a difference in people’s lives. Whatever your dream, my job is to guide you towards making it a living reality!

terry_rondberg“As a doctor, I have decades of experience and expertise in my profession, but the complexities of online promotion isn’t one of them! I’m grateful to Global Visibility/Tami Blodgett who is managing several promotional campaigns for me (Bioenergy and IOM). Fast rollouts and countless details; I needed an expert and I got one. I trust Tami to develop and systematically carry out professional online strategy planning and project management on a worldwide scale. She’s met my expectations and more—Global Visibility is making an invaluable contribution to my team of professionals. Thanks Tami!”

~ Dr. Terry A. Rondberg (WCA and