Systems and Team

Online Business Systemization & Team Development – let the stress slip away

Online businesses can be challenging to run due to unlimited ways of doing it. We help you sort through the options, determine your needs, and find reliable programs and resources. The feeling of being overwhelmed slips away as we help you identify structures to put in place that will streamline your day-to-day operations. Watch your vision turn into a reality! We outline your organizational structure, pinpoint team needs, distribute work-loads to appropriate person. We work with you to know who and how to hire, clarify job descriptions, define areas of responsibility, and create the team culture to bring you the results you need.


Denise Beins

Virtual Business Manager
Co-Founder: Global Visibility LLC
Co-Creator and Visionary: Vision Driven Results and Center for Online Business

My specialty is to consult and professionally assess how to accomplish the countless details that keep your business thriving – and keep you sane! I am passionate about business efficiency and your profit margin. At the same time, my emphasis is to create a culture that utilizes each team member’s skills. Helping them grow and feel satisfied in their job, assures greater success for your business and less stress for you.

denise_christineThe systems I implement for business teams enable them to operate productively and consistently. I’m experienced with building team reliability and accountability that positively reflects upon you and your company – and importantly, it allows you, the business owner to remain the visionary and “face” of the company, freeing you up to do what you do best, and what only you can do!

I am accessible to my clients, respond promptly, and operate with integrity. I know communication is key and strategies must be clear; I give attention to ongoing details and team management, always welcoming input from you and your team. Staying focused on the company’s vision and goals is a necessity and priority. I respect my client’s wishes, but will also lay out the facts and hard truth, if or when it’s necessary.

As a Team and Systems Strategy Consultant, I work with business owners to:

  • Train and empower teams to reflect the company’s vision
  • Maintain team focus on desired business goals
  • Identify and implement systems needed to create a framework for the business to operate at its greatest potential
  • Create project plan and strategy to achieve the desired results in agreed upon timeline
  • Efficiently work with the business owner and/or team to help assure goals are carried out and achieved
  • Meet to review business results; online and distant clients, by phone or Skype

christine_kloser“One of the best decisions I made in my business was to hire Denise Beins! I was overwhelmed, overloaded and unable to handle everything that needed to get done. Denise literally came to the rescue, simplified and streamlined everything, and freed up my time tremendously so I could focus on the things only I could do. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to help you!”

~ Christine Kloser Spiritual Guide – Award-Winning Author Transformational Book Coach